What is Codimite Archiver ?

Codimite Archiver integrates with your preferred backup drive to easily backup your incoming and outgoing calls and meetings recordings to your Google Drive or OneDrive accounts and securely search and retrieve your records, play them back, download, or delete at any time, from anywhere.

With Codimite Archiver, You can now archive your VBC, Zoom, and RingCentral calls and meetings recordings from the time you set up to the cloud, without worrying about the data retention challenges. The daily archiving option is also available, And the Manual sync up option enables you to archive all the calls and meetings recordings.


Your all business communication data is created when you make and receive calls, meetings, messages, voicemail, and faxes using your Cloud-based phone systems account. This data plays a vital role in the future of your business.

If your organization wishes to execute any historical analysis or maintain communication data, it will require implementing a data archival solution. Now we do provide users some of this data integrate with.


The key product features of Codimite Archiver are its retention management and providing the best data archiving solution in an efficient and more secure way, and There are more..

Reliable and trustworthy archival

High Volume Data Storage

Daily Archiving

Secure backups

Manual Archiving


Google Workspace users can select Google Drive as their backup Drive. The Daily archiving option saves all your recordings into your Google Drive.

Microsoft 365 users can select the OneDrive as their backup Drive. The daily archiving option saves all your recordings into your OneDrive.

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