Who We Are.

We’re a team of fresh-thinking problem solvers with unmatched software expertise, who specialize in making business simpler. By delivering intelligent plus innovative technology solutions that combine software systems, automation, and business productivity tools, our creatively-driven team helps you eliminate your business pain points, ensuring a trouble-free, growth-led journey. 

Creativity is a core quality of the CODIMITE team, and we’re composed of Product Thinkers, Architects, and Engineers widely respected in the tech industry. Our team builds to solve, regardless of company size or industry, designing custom software solutions using Machine Learning, AI, GCP products, and other technologies. We’re equally renowned for our software services and frontend developments. Simply put, CODIMITE is the very best when it comes to all technology. 

Whether to boost your sales revenue, automate processes, or optimize operations with intelligent dashboards, we’re passionate about gathering your input so we can offer tech solutions to match your exact needs. So we invite you to approach us with your vision and ideas, and together with our expert team, we can craft solutions to make your lives easier, allowing you to contribute to a better tomorrow.


Expertise Technologies and Services

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

UCaaS Intelligence

Big Data


Google Workplace Apps

 Serverless Document DB

Serverless Functions

Chrome Extensions

Expertise l Experience l Process

Companies of all sizes require predictable business outcomes, on-time and within budget. Explore how we achieve this below.

Prototype Building

Minimal documentation but an unparallelled understanding of requirements.

Controlled Cash burn

Observe behaviour patterns closely and adapt without expending the full budget.

Technical Consultancy

Offer CTO-level product, technological, and entrepreneurial guidance.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Validate a usable version by shipping the product to market early, enjoying first-to-market benefits at a low cost.

Product Architecture

Balanced, organized architecture is the key to ease of new feature addition.

Correct Team

A unified group of Product Thinkers, Architects, Engineers, and Designers working together to offer customized solutions.


Release rich, new features to market speedily, right until final product release.

Risk Mitigation

Identify risks early in the project, address them accurately, and maintain proactive communications.

Product Management

Remain dynamic and respond swiftly to change while adhering to the product roadmap.

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Would you like to speak with someone from our team? We’re keen to hear how we can help your business. Our Customer Support Team operates round-the-clock and will extend their fullest support to you always.




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