What is CODIMITE DevOps as a Service

Dedicated service with only focus of handling and maintaining Cloud Infrastructure providing following services

Cloud Infrastructure Auditing

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous integration Continuous delivery

Cloud Cost optimization

Performance optimization

Serverless migration

Why do you need DevOps Service

CODIMITE DevOps Team Can help Save the Extra Money you spend on cloud. We are here to Simplify the Cloud for you.

Cloud Infrastructure Auditing

This Audit let’s you identify the following;

  • Cloud resources are underutilized or not?
  • Cloud Bill Breakdown
  • Is the Applications are optimized
  • Can we reduce the bill?
  • Suggestions for Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cost optimization depends on the Infrastructure and the Application Architecture. The Infrastructure Audit will identify the problems in your cloud over spendings.

There are 2 phases of the Cost Optimization

  • Infrastructure Optimization – This can be achieve in shorter time
  • Application Optimization – Might need code level changes therefore might take time.

Performance Optimization

You will never know the performance issues until you do a proper performance test. We have the professional tools to identify the performance issues.

Types of performance optimizations

  • Performance Tuning for cloud components (serverless functions, Kubernetes cluster…etc)
  • Performance Tuning for Storage.
  • Application Performance.

Infrastructure as Code

Faster your DevOps operations with IaS.

  • Faster provisioning with creating and destroying resources.
  • Faster Deliveries and Deployment.
  • Faster Scalability.
  • Automate your entire DevOps cycle.
  • Controlled Cloud Resource Management and Utilizations.


We’re here to assist! 

We’ll help you to decide whether it’s the right time to make progress with moving your organization to the cloud. 

How is it beneficial for you?

  • Cost prevention
  • Scaling resources
  • Improved the data flexibility 

To get started, all you have to do is just fill out this form. One of our team members will quickly help you to get started with the free cloud environment assessment.

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