Zoom Phone + SugarCRM?

Have you been looking for an integration solution with Zoom Phone and SugarCRM? We will provide you with the best solution that we built.


This new integration allows you to make and receive calls with every new and existing lead. Companies especially sales units can smoothly get connected with leads and customers without the hassle of leaving the SugarCRM and It only takes a few clicks to download and install.

Key Benefits

This integration reduces time and effort by enabling you to make and receive calls directly within SugarCRM. Users can quickly start inbound calls with new leads or existing leads and update their relevant information. This plugin will also offer to make outbound calls via the Zoom Phone application. Once the SugarCRM Admin installed the package, the entire users of that specific instance can easily start their conversations with Leads.


The key product feature of this integration is to start Zoom Phone calls directly within SugarCRM with a single click, and there are more…

Zoom Phone call logs & detailed call history

Dialling out with Zoom Phone

Zoom phone personal contacts

Receiving inbound calls from existing and new leads

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