API Integration

Make your business functioning easy and low cost with our customized API Integrations....


Process Digitalization

Why spend your time on working with different applications without any compatibility?....


Business Intelligence

Can 10 human minds find all the trends of your business? Can one manager review 10 apprentices ?....


G Suite & Microsoft 365

Take your SME or Enterprise to the next level, through implementing cloud based productivity tools.....


Who We Are.

We’re a young and talented group of Product thinkers, Architects, and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow. We provide smart software solutions for companies of all sizes, and We take  pride in providing smart, unparalleled, and dedicated service to .

What our core business is providing smart solutions. Our main goal is find smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, GCP Products, and many other technologies. We provide software services using Python, JAVA, PHP, Node.js, Google App Script, and we are using ReactJS, AngularJS and other javascript frameworks for frontend developments.

At CODIMITE, Our team believes that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients to learn and evolve. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our sales engineers.


API Integration

Make your business functioning easy and low cost with our customized API Integrations for your phone systems, accounting software, CRM, GSuite, and Office 365 together. They can provide flawless workflows to your ecosystem in an unimaginable way. Similarly, Codimite can take API Integration to another level with the operating through Kubernetes containers and provide low latency transactions even in peak time by managing the resources. Find out more about how you can improve your applications with our API management and integration technologies.

Process Digitalization

Why spend your time working with different applications without any compatibility? Codimite can provide a 360-degree solution within one ecosystem for a low cost. We can integrate all your departmental processes into an unbreakable workflow. With the use of our AI technologies, build your automated processes to act on its own. We can make your perfect imaginative perfect process to reality. Book a time with our sales engineers to find out more about how Codimite can help to increase the efficiency of your company while saving money.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Can ten human minds find all the trends in your business? Can one manager review ten apprentices? But machine learning can do both. Our solutions can give your business insights and analytics by reading all your digital communication channels. We can transcribe your business calls (VOIP) and tell who is most likely satisfied or the key action points of your meeting. Make more sensible reports by analysing your CRM data. Make your reports more intelligent.

Sales Automation

Can’t keep a tab of your leads? Don’t waste your time or people resources on adding customer queries or leads to CRM. Codimite can provide integrated solutions using your business phone systems, CRM systems and your business productivity tools. Our automation tools can help to build a flawless sales process. Remove the people dependency from sales teams. Our custom-tailored solutions can help to create self-managed sales teams. As a byproduct, our tools can give you sales insights and trends. Let the power of machine learning do the work. Book a time slot with us to find out more.

G Suite & Microsoft 365 Migrations

G Suite & Microsoft 365 Migrations

Codimite can take your SME or Enterprise to the next level, through implementing cloud-based productivity tools. It brings your entire ecosystem to one place and will increase the productivity and efficiency at the same time while providing an industry-leading security infrastructure. These services can align with your company data security policies and provide data visibility according to the management hierarchy. Contact us to find out more about migrations and how Codimite can reduce your operation cost. 

Expert Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Voice Transcriptions

Big Data


G Suite Marketplace Apps

Cloud Databases

Experience | Expertise | Increment

Companies need predictable outcomes, on-time and within budget… here is how we achieve that.

Build Prototype

Less documentation but a strong understanding of requirements.

Controlled Cash burn

Witness the behaviour without spending the entire budget.

Technical Consultancy

Provide CTO level guidance.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Quickly ship the product to market. Be the first to market with a low cost.

Product Architecture

Balanced architecture leads to easy new feature addition.

Correct Team

Products Thinkers, Architects, Engineers and Designers to provide the perfect solution.


Release the new features to market fast.


Address the risks and communicate proactively.

Product Management

Respond to change and control the roadmap.

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